Why Horses?

While you tend to default overthinking and second guessing decisions, horses are all about the moment!

They have survived 55 million years by honing the ability to make split second decisions based on what they feel, and sense from their surroundings. Unlike humans who tend to overthink, and second guess everything!

They don’t…

  • Second guess when they sense a predator; they run,
  • Excuse the disrespect of a herd member, they move them along
  • Brood over a conflict, they go back to grazing.
  • Tolerate your lack of leadership; they’ll just call the shots if you can’t keep them safe.

Horses are a non-verbal pray animal. Basically us humans, we just talk too much.

Our neocortex developed, about 10 million years ago allowing us to acquire language, and expanded thinking and analysis, but it also created an inner voice, our ego, that figured it was now in charge.

But that inner voice started to dismiss the sensory environmental messages about safety, protection, security; you know senses that keep you safe!

All that constant inner chatter soon becomes the voice of the inner critic.

As a nonverbal prey animal horses developed a silent method of communicating with their herd that wouldn’t give away their location to a predator. So the vibrational frequency caused by air movement from an ear twitch, shoulder raise, tail flip or nostril flare are motions that alert and manage a herd of horses to both danger and the governance of the herd.

Our emotions and our emotional state are another vibrational frequency that horses can read, it’s not magic, and it’s just energy.

We have paid a large price for favouring logic and analytical thinking, as it’s dulled our ability to feel and use emotions as critical data we need to thrive.

In Grief

The suppression of this powerful evolutionary force, your ability to feel and express emotions as an outlet of joy, and release of pain, grief, and sadness, is diminishing your life experience, as you choke its voice, pour another glass of wine, and paint your face with a smile.

You hear a song on the radio that reminds you of your sister, daughter, mother or father, who has died, and the tears start to well up, but instead of enjoying the moment of connection and memories of warm times, you change the channel and choke down your tears instead.

Wouldn’t you like to be able to keep and hold those warm memories as earned lived experiences instead of having to sensor and omit them?

In death and divorce those memories can be too painful to hold, but they are your connection back to your loved one and to the loving moments you shared.

Even if memories of an ex only cause bile to rise, wouldn’t you rather be able to have them without the need to pop an antacid?

In the Corporate World

It can just be so fast and so much at times and while you or your team should be hitting the pause button, the juggle just keeps going.

Sometimes the best thing is just stop talking, thinking, and analysing the options, the structures and rules and create space to see a different approach a different perspective.

That’s where the farm and horses come in.

Instead of a boardroom you’ll have an arena, and a 1000 + lb team mate that will show up for you in ways you could never could have imagined.

Horses are the teachers

Horses become teachers with their ability to detect and mirror back to us our own emotional state.  Emotions are just energy in motion so they’re a natural force a horse can recognize and respond too because they hold a familiar vibrational frequency.

Basically, horses can feel your fear, resistance, sadness, loneliness and joy.

We offer both group and one on one in person programs on the farm.