Our grief program consists of online content, and an On the Farm in person experience.

Foundations of Grief

This online program is a 1-hr/ week for 5 week module.

The modules will be live at 12:00 (noon) EST (they’re also recorded)  

No matter the type of grief you’re experience, bereavement, divorce, health issues or other, this content using a trauma informed lens, gives you the language and framework to make sense of what just happened in your world.

In the 5 modules you’ll learn:
  • The latest Grief Research and how without this knowledge you complicate the process
  • The collateral damage grief can bring into our lives and how to deal with it.
  • Friends and Family say the dumbest things, now what? 
  • Why it feels like you’re losing your mind and how to find it again. 
  • Invisible grief; the pain no one notices.
  • Staying connected after death with our loved one and why it’s so important.
  • How to be kind to ourselves and why it’s critical in your healing journey (no matter the type of grief you’re going through.)
  • If I can’t fix this, why bother? 
  • Grief is more than bereavement 

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A Novel Life; what’s your next chapter(s)?

Combining grief work with writing - A Monthly Writing Program

This is an ongoing monthly writing program that you can join at any time.

Each month you’ll receive writing prompt to help deepen your connection to your own healing journey. 

Just like the heroin or hero of your favourite novel, you can write your own emotional arch of growth from your experience(s) of grief. 

What emotions need to be expressed, what ones need to be silenced, what ones need to be forgiven, and what ones need to be understood and healed?  

This unique program for grief work, using the process of character development to envision your next chapter(s) in life is a perfect way to bridge writing and your love of books with grief work. 

This format allows you to dig into grief work, (because it is work) in a way that allows a little distance between the content and you.  While you will be writing about your hopes and dreams and what those look and feel like in your next chapter(s), you can do so through an arm’s length approach between you and the characters on the page.

Additionally we offer on the farm experiences to deepen your emotional language and expression for your writing.

An Example:

Feeling explosive anger towards an ex, but know the anger is being masked by sarcasm and bottles of red wine? Then write the expression of that anger out through a character by writing out the scene, circumstances, dialogue and emotional release that allows you (your) character to clear the venom.   

Imagine how your character would feel, and write it out, imagine how your character would respond, and write it out, imagine your character being able to slowly let go of the resentment, betrayal or boredom towards your ex and write it out.


You’re trying to fill a massive hole in your heart left from the death of a spouse or child, when all your expectations and dreams evaporated in an instant. Social circles shift, and family and friends while they mean well, have been swept back up in the ebbs and flows of their own lives. You feel there is no fix for the hole, but you also yearn for lighter days and gentler nights. 

Imagine how you want to feel in the future and write it out. Imagine the experiences you want to have in life and write them out. Imagine how your relationships look in the future and write them out.


A significant family member has died, and by all social norms you know you should be feeling a deeper grief, but you’re seething with resentment instead.  For you this death marks the end of a deeply troubled relationship with this family member and you’re feeling robbed you will never have understanding or a resolution. 

Imagine a conversation you would have with this family member and write it out. Imagine what it feels like to tell them how you feel and write it out. Imagine what your life looks like in 5 or 10 years and write it out. 

This program begins with an online tutorial to provide the latest grief research so you have the tools and support to accurately frame your experience so you can write from a place of healing. 

Then 12 monthly writing promote to deepen your writing and experience and monthly virtual check in’s to answer questions, to help you stay out of your head while you write from a place of release.

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