In our Lifestyle workshops we take you on a journey of discovery. Discovery of aspects of you that is either dormant or simply ignored. Discovery of strengths and passions that up to this point in your life have been under developed or unexpressed which has restricted new opportunities and experiences from entering your life. Too often we play small in life because we choose familiar over the unknown, but it is only in the space where we stretch and meet risk that we can create new worlds and explore previously non-existent opportunities that allow us to reach our full potential.

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Our Next Spring program:


New Beginnings – Building a reservoir of resilience.

New Beginnings are wonderful, but the very name implies that something else has ended and while change and transitions are a normal part of life, if they are not handled in a healthy and open fashion, we can spend years, (decades!)  of our lives recovering from collateral damage that didn’t need to happen. 

This series will focus on building resiliency into our lives so we are capable of summiting our personal mountains when they inevitably show up in life.  It’s not about avoiding life’s challenges but rather knowing where the pitfalls of self-delusion lie and so we can sustain our faith and courage while in the eye of the storm.

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