Our approach to Leadership development at Skye Blue Acres is to focus on achievement through intuitive empathic intelligence as much as through logic and intellect. We believe a competent leader is one who is just as capable of reaching solutions to problems relating to relationships, emotions and feelings as those that relate to intellect, logic and resourcefulness. 

All too often Leadership is glorified in the command and control type of authority which can quickly lead to mistrust, aggression and tunnel vision resulting in missed opportunities, stagnation of progress and inferior results.

Our programs are designed to help clients “solve problems by reframing solutions using an intuitive and empathetic lens"

which requires an adventurous spirit to learn and grow without being inhibited by cemented perspectives.

You’ll know you are a good fit for our programs if:

  • You value your intuitive/empathic skills as an important resource.
  • You understand that “listening” is a verb.
  • You value the personal and professional investment of your craft.
  • You understand the difference between sales and marketing teams building rapport and relationships over persuasion.
  • You have a Market Driven focus versus a Marketing Driven strategy.
  • You realize building a culture is a strategy.
  • You also appreciate culture cannot be built from intellect alone, but rather in partnership with resonance.

How to work with us

We offer group Leadership workshops throughout the year, as well as we conduct individual one on one sessions. We can also customize a program for a group of individuals who would benefit from sharing the experience together.

Just give us a call.

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