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Teambuilding and Leadership Programs
(No riding, all horse work is on the ground)

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Team development Level 1 $25/child – (75 mins)

4 Sessions

Program outcomes:

  • Dynamics of a team
  • What is the meaning of a team?
  • How did your team make decisions?
  • How was the horse part of the team – how did they contribute to the team.
  • Identify problems – what made the “problems”
  • Did anyone need help?  Did you ask for help?
  • Did the partner step in to help?
  • What was the level of communication like?
  • Where do I fit in a team?
  • Aggressive and Passive behaviours
  • Importance of making a plan
  • My own patience
  • Was there any planning for the activity?
  • How was change or disruption handled?
  • Benefits of a supportive team player
  • How can this transfer to your family?

Team Development level 2  $25/ child (75 mins)

Program outcomes:

  • Negotiation skills
  • Influencing others
  • Adaptability: Creative thinking, problem-solving
  • Non-verbal communication – What is it?  How to consciously tune into it.
  • Encouraging Common Sense
  • Communication skills- Tone of voice, clarity of message, pausing, creating a clear thought?
  • Cooperation skills – Where is your level of frustration?
  • Trust – what is it?  How do you value it? How does it relate to maintaining a strong relationship?
  • Listening skills – what went wrong?
  • Learning how to work under adverse conditions
  • Common problem solving challenges, how did you work through them?
  • Leadership roles, what kind of leader are you?
  • Safety of the team and being aware of their environment
  • Appreciation of support from team members
  • Difference between earning trust and building trust

Leadership Level 1 -$25/child (75 mins)

Focusing on:

  • Leading a horse
  • What does positive Leadership feel like?
  • Assertiveness vs Aggressive
  • Partnership/ relationship building vs control
  • Pressure and Release – How much is too much and know your level.
  • What level of pressure and Release feels comfortable to you?

Leadership Level 2 -$25/child (75 mins)

Focusing on:

  • Your world vs the horse’s world – Empathy and Compassion
  • Self Awareness – What is it and how to cultivate it.
  • Self Evaluations
  • Devising a plan
  • Key components of effective listening
  • Leadership vs Power

Mindfulness for kids $22/ Child (60 mins)

Learning how to connect with our bodies.

This program focuses on helping kids feel the difference between thinking and feeling, and how to tune into their own bodily awareness while grooming a horses.