You can’t ONLY THINK your way to happiness.
You have to feel it as well.

What makes us happy?

  • 50% of our happiness is derived from genetics
  • 10% from environment
  • 40% of our choices

That means our choices, how we make decisions has a huge impact on the level of happiness we experience in our lives.

Are you making decisions using ALL the data available to you?


Are you able to use it at will?

What is Balance Self power?

  • It is competence and trust of your own thoughts and feelings
  • It is valuing equally ALL the data available to you in your environment, the kinesthetic (feeling/intuitive) and the analytical (thinking)
  • It’s utilizing and drawing on both, hemispheres of your brain to gather, discern and make choices and decisions in life.

We all have the ability, but fear shuts it down.

We have to learn how to trust the intelligence of our bodies, because it’s a foreign language to most of us, and yet it is constantly sending you information and instructions that are too often misunderstood.

We are all born with the ability to think and feel, and yet most of us believe that our neocortex, the part of our brain that houses language, analytical thinking, and reasoning deserves more respect and authority then our limbic system that quasi (sort of) houses our emotions.

Your full power lies in mastering and utilizing the intelligence of both hemispheres of your brain.

Your feeling / emotional system is much older than the new and shiny neocortex, but like a new shiny toy we dumped the old as the new toy captured our attention.   

But the jokes on us, because the new neocortex toy was designed to actually work with the old, it evolved within and around the feelings/ emotional systems and is designed to work in tandem with it not separate from it.

Working at our full power occurs when we are able to combine the shiny skills of our thinking and reasoning brains with the instinctive, body feelings/ emotions of our older brain systems.

This is where horses come in; they are masters of the original system.

Our original system allowed us to sense and perceive the energy of our environment, because our bodies are actually equipped to do so, and when you combine the feeling/emotional system with thinking, it can propel you to faster answers, and deeper understanding of your world.   

The trap though lies in OVER THINKING  where we dismiss the initial environmental data that we feel and sense as nonsense, ridiculous or unimportant.

Big mistake!

Together with our horse teachers we specialize in restoring balance in  your life by teaching you the power in decision making when accessing both your thinking (left)  and feeling (right) parts of your brain and mind/body.

Why horses?   Click here to learn more

Inspire your life by thinking and feeling deeper and stronger and more balanced than ever before.

Our Programs: We offer individual, family or group workshops

Intro: How balancing thinking with feeling leads to flourishing

This is our signature program of a package of 3 sessions

Private session:  $195

Or grab some friends or family (3 or more) and get a group rate of $165 for the 3 sessions.

In these 3 sessions you will learn

  • how to deepen your connection to your kinesthetic body ques,
  • mindfulness awareness and practice,
  • Kairos timing,
  • heart math intelligence
  • How to combine it all for a fuller sense of balance between thinking and feeling intelligence.

Mindful grooming with a horse ( $60)

A 60 minute mindful grooming session in our heritage barn with one of our horse teachers.

We will instruct you on safety around horses, and provide a grooming kit to work with one of our horses.   It’s a great way to destress, practice deep breathing, release all the demanding and circling thoughts that swirl around in our heads.

We’ll teach you  how the horse becomes your barometer as to how mindful you are able to remain during your session,  so you can gently bring yourself back to focus when it inevitable wanders back to the stresses of life.

Think of it as an active meditation session, where you are practicing staying on task and deepening your relationship with both your horse partner and yourself.

You would be amazed how calming and restorative these sessions can be for the weary soul.

These sessions and working with a horse, is an exceptional way to develop and deepen a practice of mindfulness,  of becoming aware and conscious of not only our swirling thoughts but how to choose to return your focus to your immediate task.


Come have some family fun with our horses! Play time for families, where you just might learn something as well!

Communication, nonverbal communication, team work, swapping out leadership, and negotiations just some of the key dynamics and strategies your family and horse partner will work through.

These are fun interactive activities the whole family can take part in!

Private family session $250 (up to 5 members) or $65 a person

Public Group Sessions $160 (up to 5 family members) or $45/person