We can’t ONLY THINK our way through grief

As a matter of fact, it’s usually those endless swirling chattering thoughts, intrusive judgements about how we are grieving, and the complete lack and appreciation of self-compassion that keep us stuck, frozen and unable to regain a foothold in our life as we struggle to manage grief and life at the same time.

With the wisdom and intelligence of our horses, our purpose is to help those experiencing any type of death, grief, loss or disruption in their lives, to find and experience their own inner compass to help navigate their lives while the winds of change are blowing.

Our programs offer an opportunity to let go of what is stalling your grieving process, or hinders your ability to thrive or blocks your returning to the fullness of your life.   

Losing a loved one or any other major life event is a journey from loving or living in presence to loving or living in separation, and if our journey in grief is to lead us back to a full life, we must allow our feelings to be our natural guides that can help us reshape our desires, motivations, habits, , expectations and hopes and frame of mind.

No one can respond to grief, loos and challenge for us. We alone are responsible to pick up the pieces from our lives and decide for ourselves how they go back together.  The grieving experience is such a personal journey that no two paths are the same.

Our programs encompass and support different experiences of Death, Dying, Grief and Loss, from facing of an end of life diagnosis, to children and adults coping with the physical death of a loved one, miscarriage, or experiencing loss through the disruption of safe environments or routines in life.

Our program focus is on 3 pillars of success:

Our 3 pillar approach allows participants to understand the research on grief and how it affects our bodies and minds, while specific activities working with horses provide personal experiences to understand how beliefs, assumptions and cultural bias actually work against the research and finally how to build compassionate space for ourselves to gives us the grace to heal in our individual way.

  • Using leading grief research (beyond the 5 stages of grief)  combined with  strategies for  head and heart, mind and body, thoughts and feelings participants will be able to access the intelligence of the non-verbal feeling right brain that will support them through the transitions experienced in Death, Grief and Loss.
  • Our activities are designed for participants to intentionally experience how overthinking, mind chatter and assumptions stall and deaden our natural ability to feel and heal.
  • Our commitment to creating space that allows participants to learn how to hold states of security, presence and empowerment for their own experience of healing.

All activities with horses are on the ground, there is no riding or even getting onto a horse involved.

We offer both individual sessions as well as our custom 6 week program

Our 6 week program

* Our grief program has been vetted and approved by Michelle Nogueira, Social Service Worker, and Psychotherapist. 

Week 1:   Strength and Sensitivity

  • Grief Research:  How our bodies process grief,  its neurological not psychological
  • Difference between being and doing
  • Social Sensual Intelligence and the, our bodies as a tool of perception

Week 2:  Skye of Mind

  • Grief Research:  Restorative vs Everyday work
  • Building Mindful Awareness
  • Building Trust

Week 3:   Our Herd and support systems

  • Grief Research:  What can we control and not control
  • What does support and safety look like for us?
  • Our blind spots

Week 4:  Our Herd and Choices

  • Self-Criticism vs Self Compassion
  • Effects of our choices
  • The effects of our thoughts

Week 5:  The Dance of Grief

  • How do we relate to Grief
  • Fluid intentions  vs static and linear
  • Thinking vs Feeling  and costs and benefits

Week 6: The Dance Continues

  • Body awareness and connection with our bodies
  • Body, Mind and Heart work

Reach out to us for our next 6 week course or come work with us individually. Info@skyblueacres.com