Equine guided learning provides the opportunity for team players to intrinsically understand and appreciate the goals, direction and ambition of a team’s purpose. Our equine facilitated exercises allow for intrinsic and empathetic embodiment of core team principles and objectives.

Traditionally a team will come up with its own set of core values that are important to the team, but this type of exercise still remains an intellectual process and can be a hinge for conflict when reality of logistics collides with idealism.

Partnering with horses in Team Development exercises provides an expeditious opportunity to test those values in the thick of activity. Group dysfunction, low commitment levels or ineffective communication are all dynamics that at times can be ignored by the team for the sake of progress or reluctance to deal with the issues; that is until you have a horse on your team.

Horses are an effective turn key to Team Development success due to their unique survival skills that have been refined over millennia. As a prey animal a horse’s survival depends upon their ability to instantaneously read their environment. As a herd animal horses depend on effective, efficient and harmonious team dynamics in order to survive another day. Effective communication, expeditious conflict resolution, social sensitivity and congruent objectives are the foundations for a herd’s survival.  Because horses are so attuned to their environment; as a member of your team, your equine teammate becomes your barometer for all that is both functional and dysfunctional.

Expected Outcomes 

  • Team members learn insights and skills to manage the balance between professional contribution and excessive personal influence. 
  • Team member’s repertoire of communication styles and delivery are sharpened and stretched by working outside of their comfort zones. 
  • Team productivity is expanded as skills are gained in navigating the unknown, recognizing unexpected connections and achieving goals in previously unforeseen ways.
  • Recognition of inappropriate meeting behaviour has an opportunity to be identified and redirected in a non-threatening and supportive environment.
  • Knowledge and perception of common but not always helpful team dynamics such as; who’s talking, who’s quiet? How are people reacting nonverbally? Whose ideas are considered? Who interrupts others? Who gets interrupted?

How are we different from other Team Building programs?

Our commitment for our client teams and groups is for them to gain clarity and insight of personal and team behaviours, how those behaviours are impacting performance and how to rejuvenate best productive practices.    

This is achieved not only through our custom designed activities but more importantly through our expert and experienced facilitation.  We provide objective observations which are key to bringing awareness, attention and understanding to the dynamics that are presently occurring within the team and how to move those blocks out of the way.

All our sessions are custom designed based on your particular team’s objectives and our most popular sessions are the full day option. (Multiple days are possible just let us know your needs).

Your Day at Skye Blue Acres

Your day at Skye Blue Acres is a customized event designed to achieve your specific learning objectives that have previously been identified via a client consult call. We then design a curriculum of exercises and material around your learning objectives and facilitate the experience through this lens. Meaning our facilitation and debriefs are always filtering what is happening (the experience) back through to the learning objectives, maximizing transfer of learning. Once the exercises are complete the group will retreat to our comfortable classroom for debriefing and further discussions of your experience.

Contact us today for a Quote and get set to transform the relational stamina and power within your team, group or department.

Okay but you’re also on a beautiful 23 acre farm; oh did I mention we also have Donkeys!

Facilitated learning sessions
3 -4 exercises ( 4hrs)
All equipment, material and horses
Morning Refreshments
Use of classroom for remainder of day to continue on corporate team priorities
Facilitated Learning Session
4-5 exercises (7hrs)
Learning objectives specific for your teams design
All equipment, material and horses
Morning Refreshments
Catered Lunch
Facilitated Learning Sessions on both days
Learning objectives specific to our corporate directions
All material and equipment as well as horses
Morning and Afternoon refreshments for both days
Catered Lunch both days

Note: A needs assessment is not required but it is beneficial. 

Note: A needs assessment is not included in this package, if your organization does not have their own needs assessment results to provide to us, we can perform an assessment at an additional cost. The needs assessment would be performed prior to your scheduled day at the farm and the results incorporated into the learning objectives and pre and post evaluations.