Corporate Programs

Leadership For Innovative Growth

For: Owners, Mid level and Rising Leaders

Whether you’re the owner of a small business or an executive team of a mid size company, building a sustainable path to your goals isn’t always clear.

But changing your perception, (the process of how you think) can shift your perspective,( the facts known to us,) just enough too allow inventive solutions and answers to appear.

What are you not hearing? What are you not seeing? What are you missing?

And more importantly WHY is that happening?

This program is perfect for 1 – 16 leaders to set a side the mental chatter long enough to engage in experiential learning together that will challenge assumptions, illuminate blind spots and dissolve patterns of thinking that present rules where none actually exist.

Each team will have an equine partner who will provide unfiltered and in the moment feedback.

But will you be listening?

Conscious Leadership

1 – 16 leaders looking to deepen their soft skills for managing relationships

This program will focus on the structure of boundaries, registering and integrating non-verbal communication, Self -motivation (remaining productive in the face of external factors) and balancing linear thinking with intuitive knowledge (thinking vs feeling).

Team Building Events

4 – 20 participants

Our approach to team building starts with learning how to make better decisions by learning to recognize how old habits, mindsets and assumptions are interfering with new opportunities and or innovative ways of doing business better.

Innovative teams understand cultivating and developing empathy and compassion are not fluff values, but rather are what greases the wheels of sustainable productivity.

What makes us different from other team building companies?
  • Facilitation:

Our unique facilitation approach digs in and draws out ignored, overused, assumptive and/ or redundant mindsets that are holding back your team’s full potential.

  • Perspective:

You’ll have a team member who eats hay, weights 1000 + lbs, and responds to the energy of your group.  Will you be able to identify and appreciate what they’re trying to tell you?

These custom sessions are for teams who are looking to deepen their connection, sharpen their focus, and stretch themselves to the next level of productivity.

To accomplish that, it will take more then a PowerPoint presentation of team goals, it’ll take embodiment of those goals and group buy- in to accomplish them.

Team Building for the fun of it!

4- 20 participants

This program is for teams who are looking for a different type of bonding experience but who don’t have any specific agenda in mind. They just want to have a unique and fun experience and spend some off the clock time together.

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