This is Skye Blue Acres

Skye Blue Acres is home to The Equine Intelligence Academy where our teachers are horses and our classroom is a 187+ year old, 23 acre farm located in beautiful Puslinch Ontario (Guelph) conveniently located just 10 minutes north of the 401, one hour west of Toronto,  and 45 minutes from Pearson International airport.

Why Horses?

Horses are guides for accessing and trusting our own feeling emotional right brain intelligence while showing us how to balance our over thinking analytical left brains.

The farm is the physical embodiment to all that we teach; where open spaces, natural landscape and horse teachers allow you to access, and engage your emotional, feeling, sensing, non-verbal, intuitive right brain. 

Our brains are divided into two hemispheres each with their own unique functions and skill sets.  Our left thinking/logical brain houses language, logic, reasoning, and linear thinking, while our nonverbal emotional right brain house our emotions, memory, intuition, creativity, imagination, and visualization. Both halves offer skills, expertise, and functions that shape who we are as a species, our humanity, and make us human and yet culturally we place a higher value and significance on the functions of the verbal, thinking, logical left brain.

Enter horses, who have survived for over 55 million years by perfecting a sonic sensitivity to their environment resulting in their ability to detect the respiration, heart rate of a predator a mile and half away. Being a nonverbal prey animal horses had to developed a silent method of communicating with their herd that wouldn’t give away their location to a predator, so the vibrational frequency of an ear twitch, shoulder raise, tail flip or nostril flare are some of the movements that alert and manage a herd of horses to both danger and the governance of the herd. 

This sensitive equine right brain intelligence is located in the limbic system which humans also possess; but as humans started acquiring language we experienced explosive evolutionary brain growth that resulted in the development of our dominate powerful neocortex, and through less use, our right brain functions weakened.

The development of language, produced an autobiographical self, an inner voice, our ego, that started to ignore and eventually dismiss the information received through our right brain emotional and intuitive intelligence, which has left us with a left brain dominate mindset.

Language moved us from a collective “We” to an individual “I”.

We have paid a large price for acquiring a thinking analytical dominate mindset as our feeling right brains are neurologically set up to detect and recognize emotional energy within ourselves, others and our environment and to decipher nonverbal language as information. But the suppression of this powerful evolutionary force, our ability to feel, and express emotions as an outlet of joy and a release of pain, grief and sadness, is cutting us off from our full human potential, as we supress and ignore longer and deeper our emotional pain.

Energy outside of renewal power isn’t part of most people’s language and logic and yet it surrounds us, around our bodies, and every living species on our planet. We can’t see this energy, but we can feel it in our hunches, gut instincts and intuitive knowing’s. It’s what our feeling, brain functions have evolved to do, but our over thinking, logical, verbal brain keeps telling us to ignore it.

This is where horses become teachers with their ability to detect and mirror back to us our own emotional state.  Emotions are just energy in motion so they’re a natural force a horse can recognize and respond to. 

Our Equine Intelligence programs uniquely combine certifications in The Neuro-Equine model, The FEEL approach as well as the award winning research based building blocks of the Cartier Equine Center curriculum that will challenge your left brain logic, engage your right brain intelligence and introduce you to the power and intellect of your heart and gut. Scientifically there is a reason why they’re called your second and third brains.

All of our programs are designed and interwoven around the values, attributes and skills of our 3 pillars of excellence, Compassion, Learning and Resilience.