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Hi there and welcome to the farm

Whether you’re searching for solace in grief, an executive interested in developing conscious leadership or a team leader in search of a team building experience that goes beyond the fluff, you have landed in the right spot.

These quests may seem unrelated, but they all hold the same challenge.

Grief: For the Individual

Grief is going to hit all of us at some point in our lives, death of a loved one, divorce, health issues, estrangements from family and friends, death of a pet, toxic relationships, abuse, downsized or fired, or moving to a new city or country.

Yes, these are all examples of where grief can show up.

Grief spares no one, it’s part of the experience of being human, and yet grief has been miscast as somehow a clinical condition and while in avoidant hands it can destroy, in perceptive ones it can transform.

While no one can erase your grief, you can learn to move with it, speak with it, sit with it and integrate it into your life because you’re not done living.

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Grief in the workplace

Grief doesn’t end when the funeral is over.

Our training consists of leading grief research that goes far beyond the 5 stages of grief. As a matter of fact, the 5 stages are not factual research and add more anxiety to people when they worry, they’re not “grieving” properly.

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Our Corporate Programs

Conscious Leadership

For the executive who recognizes their own gaps in conscious leadership and commits to deepening their self awareness, blocks in perception, boundaries, appreciating intentions, perceiving, and understanding emotional skills.

Team Building

4 – 20 participants

Our approach to team building starts with learning how to make better decisions by learning to recognize how old habits, mindsets and assumptions are interfering with new opportunities and or innovative ways of doing business better.

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Hi I'm Gail

I’m a devoted book lover and avid reader, with an eclectic bookshelf of topics and genre. Cold winter days are my permission to devour a few chapters by the fire.

I’m momma to three adoptive children in a transracial family, who’s a city kid who moved to a 23 acre 190 + year old horse farm in her 50’s.

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