Our programs focus on different experiences of Death, Dying, Grief and Loss, from facing of an end of life diagnosis, to children and adults coping with the physical death of a loved one, miscarriage, or experiencing loss through the disruption of normal safe environments or routines in life.

With the wisdom and intelligence of our horses, our purpose is to help those experiencing any type of death, grief, loss or disruption in their lives, to find and experience their own inner compass to help navigate their lives while the winds of change are blowing.

Examples of loss:

  • Coping with divorce
  • For children, managing the physical separation of parents
  • For children adjusting to new homes and blended families
  • Death of a Pet
  • Fractious endings to friendships and family relationships
  • Being downsized
  • Relocation to a new country, or city
  • Physical limitations that inhibit quality of life

Death is a natural course in life not a medical condition.

A Center of Excellence 

Equine (horse-led) Guided Learning is an umbrella term describing the partnering of horses with humans through ground work, evidence –informed activities and education where the horse teachers invite humans to access and engage emotions, feelings, sensing, and non-verbal communication. Combined with psycho-education, (evidence based therapeutic interventions of education and support) experiential teaching with horses has amassed an impressive body of research that is growing and provides gratifying and often profound experiences and learning for participants.

  • Using leading research for strategies that combine head and heart, mind and body, thoughts and feelings participants will be able to access the intelligence of the non-verbal feeling right brain that will support them through the transitions experienced in Death, Grief and Loss.
  • Our commitment to creating space that allows participants to hold states of security, presence and empowerment for their own experience of healing.
  • All activities with horses are on the ground, there is no riding or even getting onto a horse involved.

Focus for adult and children’s programs.

  • All our programs are based on the premise that grief is a natural experience in life and is well supported by engaging the emotional, feeling, nonverbal, intrinsic right brain strengths, in partnership with horses as teachers who are the ultimate masters of right brain systems.
  • Our programs are created as a safe space to gain peer support while engaging with horses in activities that encourage body awareness, mind/body relationship and dialogue, awareness to one’s environment, validation and normalization of their feelings and thoughts, especially through interaction of ecosystems that naturally exist on the farm.

The farm, including paddocks, barn, classroom and indoor and outdoor arenas, is the physical embodiment to all that we do; where open spaces, natural landscape and horse teachers allow clients to fully immerse themselves in a meaningful experience.