Skye Blue Acres is home to the Equine Guided Training Lab, where our teachers are horses, and our classroom is a 185-year old, 23-acre farm located in Puslinch Ontario (Guelph) just 10 minutes north of the 401.

The Training Lab is focused on holistic executive leadership; holistic team-building; and holistic lifestyles.  Our programs build upon learning, knowledge, understanding and empathy.  Learning is the intake of information.  Knowledge is comprehension of the information.  Understanding involves the psychology of identifying with an experience or person.  And Empathy expands when a person filters all of these elements through the lens of another.

Through our facilitated training activities using horses, we guide leaders, teams and individuals to insights, perceptions and observations that were previously overlooked, unseen and undiscovered.  This widens the playing field for open discussions, idea exchanges, creativity and problem solving; and leads to positive emotions, meaningful work and achievement.  We all have blind spots and the only way to remove the blinders is to replace the lens.  

Why Horses?

Horses are living barometers.  Just as an atmospheric barometer measures the changing pressure in the atmosphere, horses measure the changing pressure within our bodies.

Horses have the same limbic system as humans.  A mid-brain structure that includes the hypothalamus, hippocampus and amygdala, this area is responsible for our feelings, emotions, memories and sense of smell (olfaction).  The limbic system assigns emotional significance to everything our senses can register; as well as regulates unconscious processes like breathing and blood pressure.  The limbic system also regulates the functions of our internal organs such as the heart, stomach and intestines.  What makes the horse a superior barometer of these systems has to do with the inferiority of another system, their executive functioning.

Unlike humans, horses have limited executive functioning of the frontal lobe of the brain that is responsible for thinking, perceiving, and the production of language.  Over its 55 million years of evolutionary development, the horse, an animal of prey, has sustained its survival by honing its ability to receive and respond to energy.  This detection process is magnified in their very large, sensitive gut and heart fields loaded with neurons that allow these organs to act like supplemental brains.

Did You Know?

The respiration and heart rates of a prowling mountain lion is energetic information a horse can detect and respond to for survival, just as they can respond to the energy of emotions from humans.  Anger, frustration and joy are variable energies that horses can respond to, just like the heart rates of a predator.

A horse partner at Skye Blue Acres has no interest in the reason for your team’s visit, or the verbal communication of a company’s obstacle or challenge; they simply respond to the emotional energies emitted into the environment, and leave you and our facilitators to interpret their subtle messages.  The clarity you will receive from these activities will shift your perspective and help you to see solutions to your challenges as you’ve never experienced before.

Here is what you can expect from our horses and experiential activities:

  • Identify areas of overthink, which causes creative blockage.
  • Identify previously undervalued strengths
  • Reframing of patterns, perspectives and processes
  • Synergy building between team members and leaders
  • Empathy expansion to increase positive dynamics within the team
  • Neutral environment for spontaneous engagement
  • Trained facilitators to guide you every step of the way
  • Fresh, open air to breath deeply and refresh
  • Tools to take with you when you leave for continued success

Reframing is a tool that works.  At Skye Blue Acres, the horses are the wisest of souls that will facilitate your new perspective in a neutral, natural setting.

All activities with our horses are on conducted on the ground, there is no riding involved.