Hi I'm Gail!

I would like to welcome you to Skye Blue Acres!

Sometimes life takes you in the most unexpected directions.

We were an urban family living in a cozy, heritage part of town with neighbours, restaurants, parks and a book club when the idea struck to move our family.  A budding idea to expand a horse business brought us out to the rural expanse of septic’s, barns and farmhouses.  It wasn’t the rational decision to make, but I knew it was the right one and I have a successful history of always betting on how a decision feels, rather then what it looks like on paper as the most important factor.

The ability to connect and trust my own mind/body was something I seem to have been able to do from a young age.  When I was about 8 years old, I asked my mom a question about death, heaven and those who didn’t go to church and the way my body felt when she gave me her answer to this query, started my life long intuitive, trustful relationship with my body.

Being a Reiki Master has also allowed me to brining into my work a unique perspective and understanding of the intelligence of our own mind/body connection that blends perfectly with the feeling/emotional right brain intelligence of horses. Opening up the mind/body experience and connection to emotions has allowed my clients to see greater possibilities in their life choices thus lightening the load around the obstacles they face.    

I am certified in 3 different Equine Guided Learning modalities; The Neuro-Equine Model taught by Neuro Surgeon Dr. Allan Hamilton who was also an early mentee of Monty Roberts, the FEEL approach to Equine Learning/ Therapy as well as the Cartier Farms award-winning research base Equine Assisted Learning Building Block Program.  I combine my equine knowledge with certifications and training as a Mediator, Conflict Resolution trainer, (University of Toronto,) Adult Education and Experiential teaching facilitator (Dalhousie University) as well Death, Dying and Bereavement certificate from Wilfrid Laurier University (complete Sept 2020).  Additionally years ago, I completed the training as a hospice and end of life volunteer and spent over a year working with different clients who were facing an end of life diagnosis.