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Our approach to Leadership development at Skye Blue Acres is to focus on achievement through intuitive intelligence...

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Team Building

Equine guided learning provides the opportunity for team players to intrinsically understand and appreciate...

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Lifestyle Workshops

In our Lifestyle workshops we take you on a journey of discovery. Discovery of aspects of you that is either dormant or...

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This is Skye Blue Acres!

Skye Blue Acres is home to the Equine Guided Training Lab, where our teachers are horses, and our classroom is a 185-year old, 23-acre farm located in Puslinch Ontario (Guelph) just 10 minutes north of the 401.

The Training Lab is focused on holistic executive leadership; holistic team-building; and holistic lifestyles.  Our programs build upon learning, knowledge, understanding and empathy.  Learning is the intake of information.  Knowledge is comprehension of the information.  Understanding involves the psychology of identifying with an experience or person.  And Empathy expands when a person filters all of these elements through the lens of another.

Through our facilitated training activities using horses, we guide leaders, teams and individuals to insights, perceptions and observations that were previously overlooked, unseen and undiscovered.  This widens the playing field for open discussions, idea exchanges, creativity and problem solving; and leads to positive emotions, meaningful work and achievement.  We all have blind spots and the only way to remove the blinders is to replace the lens.

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And this is Gail!

Hi, I’m Gail and I want to welcome you to Skye Blue Acres, the physical embodiment to all that we teach; where open spaces on the farm parallel our minds, encouraging us to abandon our over-thinking default in order to acquire the mindset necessary to reframe how we see and how we function within our business and our life.

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