Balance for the Entrepreneur

Why we can’t ONLY THINK our way to success.

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Balance in Grief

Why we can’t ONLY THINK our way through grief.

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Balance for Happiness

Why we can’t ONLY THINK our way to happiness.

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Join our community as we educate to restore the value and intelligence of our feelings and emotions to take their evolutionary place beside the front part of our brains (neocortex) that gets all the love and respect. We’ll be sharing research, resources and of course horse love to help you appreciate the underrated intelligence of your feelings and emotions.

This is Skye Blue Acres!

Skye Blue Acres is home to The Equine Intelligence Academy where our teachers are horses and our classroom is a 187+ year old, 23 acre farm located in beautiful Puslinch Ontario (Guelph) conveniently located just 10 minutes north of the 401, one hour west of Toronto,  and 45 minutes from Pearson International airport.


Why we can’t only think our way to success.

Why we can’t only think our way through grief

Why we can’t only think our way to happiness

Emotions and Feelings, we sing about them, dance to them, we complain about them and yet so much about them remains ignored, misunderstood or avoided.

Emotions and Feelings have been deemed inferior and second rate to our neocortex, the part of our brain responsible for thinking, logic and analysis, and yet we have been using our feelings to navigate our environment much longer than reasoning.  (Millions of years longer)

Our mission is to restore feelings as a valued skill back into the repertoire of human intelligence, to help build and frame resilience in grief, business and life.

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Why Feelings?

  • Feelings play a role in all our decisions we make:
  • They nag us in the back of our minds to consider a different approach to an old problem.
  • They alert us to the swirling incessant thoughts that numb our grief.
  • They are the stimuli that bait us to look at our destructive patterns and behaviours that have dug our lives or our business into a rut of unproductive and ineffective routines.
  • They inform us by capturing our attention about opportunities, and threats,
  • They guide us towards behaviours that will improve our lives.


Feelings provide intelligent data or information that alert us to the physical, social, emotional or psychological imbalance in our body and lives, but those nudges and notes of caution or action are ignored, unnoticed or misunderstood and mistakenly deemed less valuable than our logical thinking brain because we haven’t been taught to value the intelligence of the message. 

Together with our horse teachers our programs help create an advantageous balance between your thoughts and feelings, whether in navigating grief, building a business or thriving in life.

You will learn your own individual kinesthetic language of feelings and how to apply them effectively and profitably to all areas of your life.

Why Horses?

Horses evolutionary progression has equipped them with the sonic kinesthetic sensory intelligence that is the perfect balance to our over thinking, dominate executive functioning.  Their environmental sensitivity allows them to act like a barometer to our emotional energy and reflect back to us what we are ignoring and missing by overthinking so much. 

Emotions are just energy in motion, which is the perfect interface for horses to connect with us through.

It’s the overthinking, combined with our lack of appreciation and flagrant avoiding of our feelings and emotions that keeps our thoughts swirling in endless unresolved circles.  It’s those swirling circles that turn into procrastination, indecisiveness, and anxiousness that block us from reaching our full potential in life.