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Our approach to Leadership development at Skye Blue Acres is to focus on achievement through intuitive intelligence...

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Death, Dying, Grief & Loss

Our programs focus on different experiences of Death, Dying, Grief and Loss, from facing of an end of life...

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In our Lifestyle workshops we take you on a journey of discovery. Discovery of aspects of you that is either dormant or...

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This is Skye Blue Acres!

Skye Blue Acres is home to The Equine Intelligence Academy where our teachers are horses and our classroom is a 187+ year old, 23 acre farm located in beautiful Puslinch Ontario (Guelph) conveniently located just 10 minutes north of the 401, one hour west of Toronto,  and 45 minutes from Pearson International airport.

The Equine Intelligence Academy

Horses are guides for accessing and trusting our own feeling emotional right brain intelligence while showing us how to balance our over thinking analytical left brains. 

The farm is the physical embodiment to all that we teach; where open spaces, natural landscape and horse teachers allow you to access, and engage your emotional, feeling, sensing, non-verbal, intuitive right brain.

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This is Gail!

Hi I’m Gail and I would like to welcome to Skye Blue Acres!

Sometimes life takes you in the most unexpected directions.

We were an urban family living in a cozy, heritage part of town with neighbours, restaurants, parks and a book club when the idea struck to move our family.  A budding idea to expand a horse business brought us out to the rural expanse of septic’s, barns and farmhouses.  It wasn’t the rational decision to make, but I knew it was the right one and I have a successful history of always betting on how a decision feels, rather then what it looks like on paper as the most important factor.


And this is Julie!

Hi, my name is Julie and I am a life-long crazed and head-over-heals lover of all things horse-y. 

Once a knocked kneed but enthusiastic horse rider and jumper, life as a city girl took me far away from my passion.  University, marriage, family and jobs became the focus of my life and my time spent with horses was limited to a few lessons with my kids and some wonderful trail rides.

I followed my path as an academic and have had a 25+ year career working in world of social work as a consultant and professor.  I have a Masters Degree in Education from the University of Toronto and…

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Your destination where horses are the teachers and listening to the horses is more important than repeating your grief or life-loss story. Non-verbal. Experiential. Heart-Based. At Skye Blue Acres-Learning is FELT. No spam, just updates to our programs, events and new rollouts and of course our bonus to you!

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